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Development and Evaluation of a Multidisciplinary Care Model for Improving Support for Survivors of Stem Cell Transplantation through a Late Effects Clinic
The project's aim was to identify how best to further develop and evaluate the Alfred Late Effects Clinic in line… [read more...]
Haematology Alfred Health Download report here
The efficacy of supportive care screening tools when introduced at pre-chemotherapy education sessions for patients attending day oncology, Cabrini Health, Malvern
This study was undertaken to test the efficacy of supportive care screening tools when first introduced at a pre-chemotherapy education… [read more...]
Any Cabrini Health, Malvern Download report here
The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of an Evidenced Based Education Program to Guide Family Meetings in the Oncology Setting
A communication skills training workshop incorporating interactive role-play using professional actors as simulated patient and family members, feedback and reflection… [read more...]
Any Southern Health Download report here
Exploring the information needs of people with blood cancer from a culturally and linguisitically diverse background
In this study we assessed the information needs of four patients with haematological malignancies and identified a number of areas… [read more...]
Any Southern Health Download report here
Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer pilot study comparing usual nutrition service delivery with early and intensive nutrition intervention- A randomised control trial
This pilot study compared usual dietetic service delivery (dietetic consultation at the time of surgery or chemotherapy) received by the… [read more...]
Upper Gastrointestinal Southern Health Download report here